Hydro- Seeding

Hydro-seeding is the process of spraying a mixture of seed, wood fibre (mulch) and fertiliser along with water onto the site to create a layer across soil with a perfect environment for optimal grass growth. 

Hydro-seeding has the advantage of retaining moisture while also providing protection during the colder months, because of this hydro-seeding has a faster germination period than traditional seed sowing. 

As your grass grows the mulch will disappear providing nutrients for the new lawn. 


Hydro-seed is a great choice for larger areas such as sports fields. Our large hydro-seeder is perfect for this with it's large tank and turret feature we can hydro-seed these large areas quickly and effectively. 


Hydro-seed is also a great option for erosion control when expecting heavy rain or for unstable ground. It is also Ideal for dust control.  



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